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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Ultimate in Veggie Dips

There is a vegetable dip that has become a huge tradition in my family--every Holiday occasion brings a request for this one-of-kind dip! I do not really know the age of its existence, but I am aware that it has been around since *I* was born and it has always been a hit wherever it goes! Try it out and I am positive it will be a success with your close ones as well...and maybe it can be another idea for a Superbowl snack?

It's as simple as mixing all the following ingredients together:

2 cups WHOLE EGG Mayonnaise (preferably Hellmanns)
2 cups REGULAR sour cream
2 tbsp minced onion flakes
2 tbsp parsley flakes
1 tbsp of dillweed
1 tbsp accent
1 tbsp season salt
3 tbsp Worcestershire sauce

Place in fridge until ready to serve

**This recipe makes close to a large bowl, so if only looking for a smaller portion, cut all ingredients in half.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

*Touchdown Wings*

With the SUPERBOWL quickly approaching, you may be scrambling around to find ideas on what type of food to serve at your party; or maybe you are celebrating elsewhere. Either way, you will definitely 'score' with these absolutely delicious wings!
 I made these little guys for the first time two years ago before attending a Superbowl party held at my parent's place. This is a special day that I will remember forever--not only because it was an enjoyable one, but it was the last party my Dad ever attended; he passed away 5 days later. I will forever dedicate this recipe to his honour because of his LOVE for these wings, he could not eat enough or rave more about them and it made me laugh so much. I write this with both tears in my ears and a smile on my face. I miss you, Dad!
      Now, on to the recipe! You will be amazed at how easy these are to make, as I take you through, step by step AND how cost effective this method is as well.
      There are two flavours of wings that I have found to be the most popular--Buffalo hot and Cajun. I have to admit that I personally like the Buffalo hot better myself, but it is all about preference and personal taste!

1. You are going to want to visit your local grocery store or farmer's market to purchase FRESH wings.
Note: In order to calculate how many you need to buy, think about how many people will be attending and most people consume on average approximately 8-10 wings (or 1 lb.)

2. Approximately 2-3 hours before frying, place the desired amount of wings in a large mixing bowl. Cover the wings in flour and corn starch (3 parts flour to 1 part corn starch) and sprinkle with pepper. For anyone that may not know, corn starch is need to allow the wings to become more crispy while frying. Toss the chicken around in the mixture to ensure that all pieces are completely covered. Place in the fridge for a couple hours; this will allow the moisture in the fridge to make the flour stick much nicer to the wings. This is a VERY crucial step in the process!

3. About 10 minutes before it is time to fry, take a large pot and fill 3/4's full with either Canola or Vegetable oil and heat at Max temperature. A good tip to know when the oil is hot enough is to take one floured wing and dip the end  into the oil. If the oil begins to sizzle a bit around the wing, it is ready!

4. Place all wings in the pot and wait.

5. ***THIS STEP IS ONLY IF YOU ARE MAKING CAJUN WINGS***While they are cooking, take another large bowl and dump approximately 3-4 tbsp of butter into it. Turn a small burner on to low heat and place the bowl onto it. Let it sit until all the butter melts, then remove.

6. Your wings are almost ready when you begin to see them float to the top of the oil. Wait about 5 minutes until you see the chicken begin to turn more of a brownish colour. Remove with a strainer spoon.

7. If making Cajun, place desired amount into bowl with the butter and toss. If making Buffalo hot, place wings in another bowl.
          For Cajun: Once tossed in butter, season with approximately 2 tbsp of Cajun spice.
          For Buffalo Hot: Pour hot sauce over all wings and toss until all are covered. Add more sauce            depending on preference.

8. Plate and Voila! You are done!

The following is a tasty Garlic-Dill dip to serve with *Touchdown Wings*:

1. Take a medium bowl, add 1 cup mayonnaise, 1 cup sour cream, 1 tbsp dry dill and 1/2 TSP of garlic powder.

2. Mix ingredients together and SERVE.


COST TO MAKE: $10.75 vs COST TO ORDER: $28.00 (Based on 2 lbs)

I hope you enjoy these as much as my family and friends do!!! Please do let me know how they turn out for you, I'd love to hear your experiences!

WHAT'S NEXT? ---the pefect 'Valentine's Day Meal' to make for your loved one!