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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Time Saver : Tag on Fitted Sheet

Every fitted sheet has a tag sewn into one of the corners. That tag belongs on the bottom, left corner, if you're laying on your back in the bed.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Fresher Home with Febreze Car Clips

You have probably seen those neat little Febreze Car Clip fresheners in store that claim to work wonders when attached to the vents in your car. However, did you know they are just as, if not more effective in your HOME?! Simply clip on to your floor vents - when the heat is run, the scent is released. These clips work for quite awhile as well. A great air freshener for a small price! 

How to Whiten your Stained Nails

If you are a regular nail polish user, you are well aware of how stained and discoloured your nails can become after not being able to "breathe". This is also a useful tips for SMOKERS. We now have the answer to keep those babies healthy and white!

1 Mix a small amount of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide together.

2. Make into a paste.

3. Use a toothbrush to scrub the paste onto your nails (both fingers and toes if needed)

4. Soak your nails in the paste and let sit for approximately 5-10 minutes.

5. Rinse.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Shoe Fitting: Teaching Kids Left & Right

While building independence and confidence, cutting stickers into 2 separate pieces and placing in your child's shoes will teach him or her to "match" each piece and put the proper shoe on the right foot. I did this with both my kids and it was extremely effective!

Baking Soda: A Little Goes a Long Way

This handy tip will prevent you from wasting an entire box of baking soda! Instead of storing the whole thing at the back of your refrigerator to keep things fresh, create little "sachets" from small bags. Loosely tie off with either dental floss or ribbon so the baking soda is still able to do its magic.

Prolong the LIfe of your Cell Phone Charger

If you use your cell phone as much as I do, you are aware of how those chargers are not made to last! They fray or bend within a couple months time and you are left having to purchase a new one quickly. So here is a tip to prolong the life of your charger: use a spring from an old pen to keep it from bending and breaking.

Keep your Cereal Fresh

My kids don't eat cereal everyday - because obviously their tastes change from day to day (how many moms can relate?!) Therefore, I needed a way to keep all these opened boxes from going stale until the kiddos decided they were in a cereal phase again. That is when I discovered that actually storing your cereal in the freezer will prevent it from going stale! This has saved me so much money after not having to throw it all out.

Body Wash Vs. Soap: Ridding Scum from your Tub

Did you know that regular soap contains fats and oils that create soap scum build up in your bathtub or shower stall? However, since body wash is actually a detergent, it is specifically formulated to prevent that caked on mess!

Bathroom Freshness!

A lot of the bathroom odor you experience in your home is coming from your toilet bowl brush. By adding cleaner to the tray/pan, it will keep those smells at bay until you get around to cleaning the brush thoroughly.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

No More Boiling Messes

You know all those times you are cooking away on the stove and leave to go quickly do something else? Only to come back to one heck of a mess - especially if it's a really starchy item you are cooking! Well I have the answer - putting a wooden spoon across the top of a pot will completely stop your water from boiling over. TRY IT!

Wrinkle Free Mornings!

Hang a wrinkled garment (shirt or dress) in the bathroom before taking a hot shower. The steam will help get the wrinkles out AND you don't need to waste hydro throwing it in the dryer for those few minutes!

Ridding your Kitchen of Pesky Fruit Flies

Take a lemon and cut into two halves. Place them in your oven directly on the rack and leave the oven door open for a few hours (you can even do it overnight!) Take an aluminum tray and place at the bottom of your oven to catch the flies. In the morning, close the oven door and turn the broiler on. Let the oven cool, toss the citrus, and wipe out the base of the oven OR remove the tray. The flies are will be gone - and not to mention, your kitchen will smell heavenly!

How to Quickly & Effectively Clean your Coffeemaker

How often do you actually take the time to thoroughly clean your coffee maker? Even if its a Tassimo or Keurig? Well with this simple trick, you will be doing it a lot more frequently!

Run 1 part vinegar + 1 part water through a brew cycle in your coffeemaker and the result will be like brand new.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Properly Cleaning your Kitchen Mixer

Wiping down with a wet, soapy rag can do in a pinch, BUT what do we do to give it a REALLY deep clean that mixer needs?To clean out all of those nasty dried bits ( think: flour, dried egg, batter, cocoa powder, etc.) that get stuck in the crevices of stand mixers, use either a toothpick OR the end of a wooden skewer. It's satisfying to excavate all of the materials of baking projects past and then wipe them up with a damp cloth. I also make sure to unscrew the little knob where you can affix attachments to the mixer; there's always a lot of gunk hiding under there as well!

Freshen Up Those Stale Chips

There's no need to toss old chips once they become stale. Just put them on a microwave-safe plate, add a splash of olive oil and nuke on full power for 10 seconds. Like new again!

Friday, March 25, 2016

The RIGHT Way to Cut Your Watermelon

Instead of slicing the melon into wide wedges that inevitably get juice all over your face, chin AND hands, cut the fruit (or any other melon) in half, then slice it in a grid. That will give you evenly sized slices that each have a bit of rind at the bottom to act as a convenient handle - which is amazing for tiny fingers!

The Easiest (and Quickest) Way to Clean your Blender

We all know the awesome convenience our blenders can bring to our lives, but then there is the dreaded mess we have to clean afterwards. YUCK! Not to mention, you have no idea how many times I cut my fingers trying to clean those intricate blades with a dish cloth - that is until I discovered this amazing trick!

Fill the blender about halfway full with hot water, then add a few drops of dish soap. Turn the blender on high and watch the magic happen. Run a few times if necessary. Rinse with cool water and it's clean! It's that simple.

Keep your Ice Cream Fresh & Soft

You know those times you are craving a nice bowl of your favourite ice cream, only to find it's hard as a rock and nearly impossible to spoon out? Well, NO MORE! Putting a container of ice cream in a Ziplock bag before placing it in the freezer will help keep the ice cream soft for scooping. It will also prevent that nasty freezer burn.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Best Ways to Use Deodorant (that don't involve our armpits!)

As many as you already know, I adore finding ways to use other household products and this one is definitely a favourite of mine!

1. Just bought a brand new pair of fancy shoes? Prevent friction and those horrible blisters by swiping deodorant on the areas that sores normally form. The deodorant acts as a barrier between your shoes and skin.

2. If you have that horrible itching from pesky bug bites, rub deodorant on the areas a few times a day until it vanishes.

3. For women that are well endowed, they know the experience of having sweat under their bra line. To prevent chafing and bacteria build up, rub a thin coating of deodorant on before getting dressed each day.

4. It is said because of it's drying agent, anti perspirant will dry out pimples, fever blisters and cold sores. Obviously just ensure you are using a different stick to stop the spread of bacteria.

5. An unusual but very useful tip is to apply deodorant on a squeaky door hinge to stop the noise.

6. For women, after shaving your bikini line, apply deodorant to these areas to prevent razor bumps. A great tip to remember this summer!

7. For men, when shaving your face, if you happen to nick yourself in the process, rubbing deodorant on these spots will stop the bleeding quickly.

Useful Tips for Vaseline

1. Make your perfume  last longer by applying Vaseline to your pulse points before spritzing on your favourite fragrance.

2. Shine your leather shoes and bags by wiping Vaseline over the leather. You only need a small amount since it goes a long way!

3. Apply around the edges of your nails before painting with nail polish. This allows you to easily wipe away the excess mess rather than it being on your skin.

4. Furthermore, prevent stuck on nail polish caps by rubbing some Vaseline on the neck of the polish bottle before storing away again.

5. Remove stains from linen napkins by putting a little Vaseline on the stain before you wash it.

6. If you use a self tanning lotion or spray, prevent uneven tanning marks by adding a small dab of Vaseline to any dry skin spots before applying.

7. Create your own lipgloss by applying Vaseline after putting on your regular lipstick. Plus it helps keep those puckers soft!

8. If you have sensitive ears, dipping your earring posts in Vaseline will prevent your lobes from any irritation.

9. When your baby is teething, applying a small amount to their chin will help from rashes and irritation when that extra drooling sets in.

10. Ensure soft feel all the time by rubbing Vaseline on your feet before bed and wearing socks to avoid a mess.