Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Best Ways to Use Deodorant (that don't involve our armpits!)

As many as you already know, I adore finding ways to use other household products and this one is definitely a favourite of mine!

1. Just bought a brand new pair of fancy shoes? Prevent friction and those horrible blisters by swiping deodorant on the areas that sores normally form. The deodorant acts as a barrier between your shoes and skin.

2. If you have that horrible itching from pesky bug bites, rub deodorant on the areas a few times a day until it vanishes.

3. For women that are well endowed, they know the experience of having sweat under their bra line. To prevent chafing and bacteria build up, rub a thin coating of deodorant on before getting dressed each day.

4. It is said because of it's drying agent, anti perspirant will dry out pimples, fever blisters and cold sores. Obviously just ensure you are using a different stick to stop the spread of bacteria.

5. An unusual but very useful tip is to apply deodorant on a squeaky door hinge to stop the noise.

6. For women, after shaving your bikini line, apply deodorant to these areas to prevent razor bumps. A great tip to remember this summer!

7. For men, when shaving your face, if you happen to nick yourself in the process, rubbing deodorant on these spots will stop the bleeding quickly.

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  1. Wow! Who knew but you!
    Is there a preference between the deodorant types - powdery-type or the gel-type that pushes through those little holes or the solid stick, etc. ?