Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tip of the Day #44: Use it or Lose It!

'Use It or Lose It'--
Within my family, the rule is, if you didn’t use it, wear it, play with it, eat it or know of it in the past six months, it goes out the door. They can do what they want in their own rooms, but the rest of the house is mine! So if you spill it, drop it or leave it lying around, chances are you won’t ever find it again since I’ll throw it out. SAY NO TO CLUTTER!


  1. As a dedicated "re-purposer", to me this philosophy is just wrong. If you throw out everything you don't use after only 6 months, you spend money needlessly if you have to buy another when you need it again. One of Murphey's laws "Just when you get rid of something, you need it again." has proved true more than once in my life.

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