Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tip of the Day #86: Taking care of Head Lice

If you have school-age children, you know how bad and frequent cases of head lice occur. An effective way of preventing your child from getting them is to add about 10-12 drops of tea tree oil to the bottle of shampoo or squirting shampoo into your palm and adding a few drops directly to it. IF your child DOES come into contact with lice, massaging tea tree or coconut oil into hair every day will help in killing the eggs.


  1. When my son got lice for the SECOND time in a school year (Another student never had them treated from the first bout), I refused to use the pharmacy lice ridders because they contained sooooo many chemicals that I wouldn't want my kids in contact with. I used just plain old olive oil, put it thickly in his hair and made him sit with a plastic bag over his hair for eight hours, then did it again the following week. Got rid of the lice, and made his hair "silky smooth" (his words, not

  2. I have to say, tea tree oil alone will not kill the nits. What I learned is that the only way to rid them is to lice comb every day for 2 weeks even if you can't see anything. First treat with Listerine on the head for 30 min. Then shampoo and rinse. Add vinegar to hair for combing through with a metal lice comb - this helps the nits detach. Fill the sink with about 5 inches water and a little vinegar and swish the comb through the water after each pass through the hair. It's super tedious but worth it to get rid of them. I did not do this at first and suffered through months of other methods: Cetaphil, Rid, Nix, hairdryer, rubbing alcohol, tea tree oil, mayonnaise, etc. None of these will work if you don't comb for week or two every day.

  3. hi, I am from India and use coconut oil as conditioner. coconut oil conditions the hair and does not kill nits or lice. You can use dry roasted and powdered custard apple seeds to kill and prevent lice colonisation in your hair.....