Friday, April 5, 2013

Tip of the Day #283: Cake Tips

--If you dust a little flour or cornstarch on a cake before icing it you'll find that the frosting won't run as much. --When frosting a cake , dip the spatula in warm water as well to smooth the icing.
--Also, put a piece of apple in the cake tin to keep your confection's freshness longer!

Tip of the Day #282: A 'Green' Cleaner/Disinfectant--Orange Peels & Vinegar

Some people are deterred from using vinegar as an everyday cleaner because of its initial strong smell. There is a WONDERFUL solution to this problem that will keep you wanting to use it again and again!


-1 Large Jar or Tub with Lid

-2-3 Oranges (depending on the size of your container)--Peels ONLY!

- White Vinegar

**Curl the peels around the inside of the jar. If your oranges are small and you could fit another peel, feel free to add one more.  Pour vinegar into the jar to cover the peels and close tightly.  Store in the cupboard for TWO WEEKS, then transfer the vinegar to a spray bottle and use for all your cleaning purposes!

You could also try lemon, lime, clementine or mandarin orange peels as alternatives! Yummy! :)

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Tip of the Day #281: All Purpose Cleaner

I love my multi purpose cleaner because it combines all of my favourite natural products in one bottle!
*Note that this IS safe on all surfaces*


2 tsp Baking Soda
1/2 tsp Dawn Dish Soap
4 tbsp White Vinegar
1 3/4 cups (400mL) Warm Water

Combine in a spray bottle and shake well before use!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Tip of the Day #280: DIY Foam Soap Refills

I will only use foaming hand soap in my home--mainly because I love the way it feels and it causes much less of mess as it doesnt ever leak. However, it can be costly every time you run out!
That is until I found a solution to making your own at home.

All you need to do is fill the empty bottle 1/4 full with either other handsoap OR dishsoap, then the remaining 3/4s with water. VOILA!

Sometimes you will find that it is difficult to get the last few pumps out if some soap is left at the bottom of a foam soap bottle--simply add a little water and you can use it right up! :)

Tip of the Day #279: DIY Dishwasher Tablets

Dishwasher tablets or discs seem to be all the rage right now--the only thing is, they are very pricey!

So why not make your own at home quickly and easily!

Here is what you will need:
1 Cup Washing Soda
1 Cup Borax
1/4 Cup Epsom Salt
Lemon Juice
Ice Cube or Mold Trays

This will make about 60-70 tabs--you can cut the recipe in half if needed.

-Mix all of your dry ingredients together -Slowly add your lemon juice a tablespoon at a time (around 7-8 tablespoons in total)You don't want it to be too wet or too dry
-Fill your ice cube trays
-Let them dry until they are hard and fairly easy to remove.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Tip of the Day #278: The Laundry Detergent Challenge!

Many of us may be pouring money down the drain by using too much laundry detergent--even the recommended amount may be too much!
So I challenge all of you to use HALF the amount of detergent you normally do and come back to report if you noticed a difference in th cleanliness of your items or not! :)

Washing machines today are much more efficient than the ones your parents used to have and detergents are much more concentrated — so a little goes a long way. Using too much laundry detergent not only wastes money, it can shorten the life of your washing machine and make your clothes stiffer.

If you really want to save money, here again is my homemade laundry detergent recipe:
1 bar of Fels Naptha (Or Linda's)
1 cup Washing Soda
1 cup Borax.

Tip of the Day#277: Stubborn Lotion/Soap Dispensers

I cannot tell you how many times Ive run into the problem of a stubborn dispenser! When this happens, try this trick:
Push the dispenser down while covering the opening with your thumb--this allows for the tube to back up. Repeat if necessary until the lotion or soap dispenses.