Sunday, January 6, 2013

Tip of the Day # 150: LEGO Cleanup


 Use a fitted sheet under the dumped Legos.  Keep the Legos contained to on top of the sheet area, and then when finished scoop up the Legos inside the sheet and dump back into the container.  So easy. So simple. So foot pain-free!


  1. Great idea! When my kids were little (oldest is 41!) I made out of demim cloth a big circle, put grommets on the edges with threaded cords so when it was open they'd have their legos to play with on the cloth bag and then when done could just grab the cords with all the legos inside, tie and store. I still have them and the grandkids use them all the time. I was lazy and didn't even want to dump them back into a container! LOL

  2. What an awesome idea for all sorts of toys like polly pockets,and Barbie. Keep from losing all the little pieces and makes clean up a breeze. Gonna go find a "toy blanket" for each of my kids.