Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Tip of the Day # 155: Organizing Junk Drawers

Organizing your Junk Drawer

Everyone has one...or two of these types of drawers, full of old batteries, cords, pens, loose papers, etc. I dread opening this drawer in our home because it makes me cringe every time attempting to find that one small item I need!
Although it may take you a little while to go through it the initial time, it is definitely worth organizing for the future!
First, remove EVERY item from the drawer and wipe down the inside thoroughly. Next, grab about 3-4 small plastic containers (or re-use margarine,yogurt, or any others lying around). Begin categorizing all items; batteries in one container, loose change in another (a plastic water bottle is a nice alternative because it has a tight lid). Label all manuals and place in a pile flat on the bottom of the drawer. Test out all pens and throw away any defectives ones. Label all cords (bread tabs are great for this) and place them all together--if you have a strap of any kind, it is great to tie it around your group of cords.
Once your improved drawer is complete, take a sigh of relief and maintain its organization to make life just a little more simple! :)

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