Thursday, January 10, 2013

Tip of the Day # 159: Purse Organization

Organizing Your Purse

1. First clean out clutter. Such as Gum Wrappers, old receipts, candy, etc. Its best to clean out all of the junk before it either makes a purse smell horrible, or drives you bonkers sifting threw your junk like sand at the beach. A good habit to get into is never storing food items in your purse! From having kids, I know first-hand how easily cookie or candy packages can bust open--creating a scavenger hunt for you...except not in a fun way!

2. Invest in a wallet made with so many pockets you don't know what to do with. Chances are you'll find something to do with them. In your wallet have any paper items, pictures, money, loose change. It's hard to imagine a purse without the jingling change that sounds like reindeer on Christmas but you'll learn to live with out it. For this, make it a habit to put cards and change in their proper place RIGHT AWAY when given them back. Ive definitely had a few panic attacks in line at a store searching for my debit card!

3. Get some makeup bags. You know those tiny little make-up bags that's used for eye pencils? Yes, invest in one of those. Put all your little misfit items in it such as hand sanitizer, lip stick, deodorant, tampons, etc.

4. Think about buying a new purse that has some pockets for, say your cell phone. Plus who doesn't deserve a new purse every once in a while. It will also encourage you to empty your old change and empty the junk.

5. Take a few moments out of everyday to look in your purse and un-clutter a little--remove all items that should not be in there and put away immediately!

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