Friday, March 1, 2013

Tip of the Day #240: Organizing Cleaning Essentials

I used to cringe at how unorganized and messy my mops and brooms would be when I either a)stuffed them in a closet out of the way or b)leaned them against the wall.
I researched ideas of how to take care of this dilemma and came up with the idea of using 'S Hooks' or even shower rings on a rod to hand each handle. Now my closet is so neat and organized--I'm in LOVE! ;)


  1. Not trying to be smart, but what if you don't have a closest? I don't. I have to keep mine in a corner in the hallway where my washing machine and dryer is. Any tips you can give me?

    1. You can always buy those white command hooks at the dollar store and stick them on the wall, then hook the handles on :)