Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tip of the Day #298: Uses for Clear Nail Polish

We all know clear nail polish can do a great job on a manicure, but many of you may not know the other wonderful and useful benefits it posseses! It can aid in:

1. Making jewelry last. To extend the life of costume jewelry and to keep it looking bright and glossy, give beads a thin layer of polish. It helps prevent fading and tarnishing. It also helps your fingers turning green from rings!

2. Sealing envelopes. In lieu of licking the envelope flaps to seal them (not only can this be ineffective, but does anyone find that taste as gross as I do?) dab on a little polish to keep them glued nice and tight. 

3. Threading needles. Rather than get frustrated when attempting to thread a needle, run the cut side of the thread through the polish brush. Roll the thread between your fingers a couple times; the polish will dry pretty much immediately and the thread becomes stiffer (and much more easy to get through the eye of the needle). 

4. Keeping belt buckles pristine. To ensure belt buckles stay bright and shiny, shellac them with a coat of polish to prevent oxidation.

5. Securing buttons. Brush on a dollop of polish in the center of your buttons to keep the threads from coming undone. If you have a sweater or dress with delicate pearly buttons, give the whole thing a coat of polish to keep them luminous. 

6.Fixing window screens or shades. If you have a tear or small hole in a window shade or screen, paint on some polish to keep it from getting worse. 

7. Waterproofing matches. As any camper can attest, there are few bigger drags than a box of soggy matches. To waterproof them, paint the flammable tips with polish. 

8. Wood floor repairs. A bit of clear polish is fantastic to touch-up minor dents and little scuffs on wood floors.

9. Avoiding rust stains. You know those rust rings that form on your tub if you leave shaving cream in the shower? Just varnish the underside of the can with a little polish to keep the metal from staining. 

10. Shoelace protector. To stop shoelaces from unraveling and fraying, dip the ends in clear polish. 

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  1. Buenísimo!! me encantó!! especialmente lo de los cordones de zapatos, hay que cambiarlos cuando aún están buenos porque es imposible colocarlos. Me encanta este blog! Gracias por compartir!