Monday, December 3, 2012


The following are a list of tips to follow when storing, decorating and organizing during the Holiday Season that won't break the bank from common items around your house!

1. Use plastic cups or egg cartons to store delicate ornaments or xmas bulbs

2. Hang a thick piece of ribbon on a wall or from a door frame and pin holiday cards to it with clothes pins!

3. Use a small shoe box (or an aluminum foil or saran wrap box for smaller rolls) and poke holes to thread ribbon through to keep them from unravelling or getting knotted.

4. Use toilet paper rolls or paper clips to prevent wrapping paper from unravelling--and this will ensure there are no indents left to ruin the paper!

5. Wrap Christmas lights around a hanger or large piece of cardboard to prevent tangling. This way you can also easily find the end of the string of lights!

6. A dry-cleaning garment bag will stop your wreath getting dusty and mangled. Hook the wreath over the neck of the coathanger, wrap it up and then hang it in a cupboard, on the back of a door or on a wall with a small, adhesive Dollar Store hook next season!

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