Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Not only do they taste good, but coffee beans have so many other useful purposes as well around your home!

  • Coffee beans can be used to get rid of food preparation smells from your hands. Just put them in your hand and rub the palms together, for a few seconds.
  • If your refrigerator smells too much of the food kept in there, place a bowl, filled with some coffee beans, inside it.
  • In absence of a mouth freshener, simply suck on a coffee bean. It will make your breath fresh and clean, in a matter of minutes.
  • Coffee beans can be used for dying paper. Put some coffee beans in a cup of hot water. After a few seconds, use the water to dye paper.
  • Coarsely grind coffee beans. Now, wet your face and use the grounds to scrub your face. Ground coffee is good for exfoliating purposes.
  • You can add ground coffee beans to the plant pots in your house. It will help keep flies and other mites at bay and also improve the quality of the soil. However, do not use in excess.
  • Coarsely ground coffee beans have been found to be very effective for cleaning greasy pans.
  • To keep your kitty away from your garden, sprinkle coffee grounds, mixed with orange peels, around the plants.
  • Tossing wet coffee grounds over the ashes in the fireplace can help keep the ash dust under control. Thereafter, you can proceed to clean the fireplace.
Have YOU come across any other uses?? FEEL FREE TO SHARE! :)


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  2. Fill a glass/ceramic bowl with coffee beans and place a tea light in the center - light it and you'll have heavenly aroma. Especially flavoured beans!

    1. That sounds lovely! I love the smell of coffee but not the taste. Perfect luv!

  3. Thanks for sharing these great tips. I am a coffee lover and love to drink coffee.And it is interesting to know that coffee can be use for other purpose also. I will try it.

    Kopi Luwak.

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  5. Can I use ground coffee beans for the plants? Also is this to use topically over the soil or mixed into it please and thank you :)

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