Sunday, February 24, 2013

DIY i-SPY Game

I guarantee this will occupy your kiddos for hours!

I have two very active children, so I am constantly looking for ways to occupy them. While brainstorming one night recently, I thought of this cute little game to make! It's easy, quick and doesn't require many materials.

So what's the object of the game? You create a game card with a list of the objects included in the bottle. Your kids have to shake the tube around to search for the items that you have hidden within the rice and tick them off!

When making, 'layer' the rice--in other words, you must pour the rice in, add a little trinket or two, then add more rice and so on. This is so all objects do not float along the top. Also, leave about 1 inch at the top of the bottle to ensure the rice is easy to shake around.

Some items you can include are:

-bottle caps
-bouncy balls
-barbie shoes
-fake flower petals
-pen lids
-little balls of foil
-small erasers
-dinky cars
-paper clips

Or anything small around your home!

WARNING: Always remember to seal the lid tightly on the bottle to ensure no small children can ingest any objects.

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