Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tip of the Day #217: Dishwasher Tips

1. Save money on dishwasher supplies by purchasing the least expensive brand of detergent/soap. Then just add a few tsps of white vinegar right into your dishwasher before running it--the vinegar cuts grease and is guaranteed to leave your dishes spot-free and sparkling!

2. To clean your dishwasher, place 1 cup of white vinegar (in a bowl or measuring cup) on the top rack. Run of full (empty) cycle on the hottest setting.
Also, placing 1 packet of LEMON Kool-Aid in the dispenser and running a hot cycle as works because of the citric acid in the powder.

These two remedies will definitely help if you deal with hard water in your home! :)


  1. can I add the vinegar to the same place as I put my dish soap at along with the dish soap (at the same time)??

    Other wise where would I add the vinegar at?

    1. I add vinegar to the *jet dry* section and it releases every load till empty again.

  2. PS: can I do the 1 cup vinegar cleaner at the same time as the kool aid thing?